Koin Framework- Provide ViewModel Dependency (Part-3) - Most Underrated Framework

This will be the third part on Koin Framework, where we will see how we provide the dependency of ViewModel through Koin🥰

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First add this dependency in build.gradle(Module) file

In the above code we have one interface and a class is providing the implementation . Now we want to use this interface(Demo) in ViewModel. So what we will do we will create a ViewModel and pass as a parameter.😋😋

Now it’s time to create the dependency of “MainViewModel”. Remember that MainViewModel class taking demo interface as a parameter so first we will provide the dependency of that!

This is how we provide the dependency of ViewModel ! Cool👌💖

Now add this Module in BaseApp

if you want to use this ViewModel , simply create the instance though “viewModels()” Ktx library.

private val mainViewModel:MainViewModel by viewModel()

That is all for today my friends. Hope you enjoyed this article and learnt something new. Keep learning happy coding💖



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Jayant Kumar


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